Bonus remix!

Tonight, we are very excited to post our friend Russ’s remix of our song Outlier!

Russ is a film editor and musician (google Justice Beats of America, or ODYSSEY! A Rock Opera, just to name a very few of the excellent projects he’s been involved with). Or perhaps you should watch the awesome Har Mar Superstar video he edited?

Anyway, we’re super-psyched about this remix and think you will be too.

Outlier (amoebafingers remix)

Also, for your reference, the original version: Outlier

Matt and Jen

ps. Back tomorrow with our new song, Turn The Radio Down!


hi gang,

Here’s the latest song. It’s actually been done since early this week but we’ve been too busy/lazy to post it! Anyway… hope you like it.

Matt and Jen

Two Mirrors

And here’s our latest ditty, “Finding Me Out.” Oh, Jen, why are you so angry? Won’t you please explain?

Later this week, we’ll be posting a special treat. Our friend Russ remixed one of our earlier songs, and it is WAY cool. Yes, this is a total tease, and I hope you’re excited. Because we were excited. And what is the internet, if not a way to spread excitement? Moving on…

Five songs to go. Five weeks to go and this year is in the books. Crazy!

Matt and Jen

Finding Me Out

Hello everyone,

Here’s another new song. And we’ll be back soon with another… before Thanksgiving, I would bet! Thanks for listening,

Matt and Jen

Leave My Letter in the Breakers

Here’s our latest song! I’m happy with our arrangement on this… it’s pretty different for us. Minimal guitar and percussion, and a bunch of synths. Hope you enjoy.

Matt and Jen

Sing It Like You Used To


Here is the second of two covers we planned for this year; our version of the unreleased Elliott Smith tune “Let’s Turn The Record Over.” To say that Elliott is one of our musical heroes would be an understatement. It was great fun to work on this cover.

The original version of the song can be heard here.

And here’s our version:
Let’s Turn The Record Over (Elliott Smith Cover)

Whoops! This song has been done for about a week and I forgot to post it. Special thanks to our pal Mikey C. for providing whistling, handclaps and big-singalong-background vox!

hope you dig,

Matt and Jen and Mike

Drop Back In