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A new video!

Check out this new video for our band, The Honorable Mentions! It was shot in Hollywood in October when we went out to hang with our pal, Russ. Russ shot it along with Stoney Sharp. Special thanks go to Dave Simmons & Tony Bevilacqua as well. Russ and Stoney made us feel like rock stars and we’re eternally grateful to them for making the video.




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Jen and I wandered around town this weekend and shot a simple video for one of our songs, Lost and Unsettled. We know nothing about making videos, but quickly figured out that… well, for one thing, it’s really hard. For another, when you have no budget, you just gotta improvise. So, these are shots from our excellent neighborhood here in Somersworth, mixed in with some hot accordion action for good measure.

Anyway, a wise man once told me, “it is what it is,” and at least we now have something to throw up on the ol’ YouTube. Special thanks to our great pal Rich Woodall for the use of his Flip cam!

Original song download here:
Lost And Unsettled

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Whoops! This song has been done for about a week and I forgot to post it. Special thanks to our pal Mikey C. for providing whistling, handclaps and big-singalong-background vox!

hope you dig,

Matt and Jen and Mike

Drop Back In

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Hello sports fans,

So, Jen and I were both sick last week (and Jen still is somewhat sick). Jen lost her voice almost entirely, and I lost the ability to speak without sounding incredibly nasal… SO! Instrumental. Perhaps we’ll add words at some point and lengthen it out. But for now, it is what it is, and we like it!

Matt and Jen

Me & My Violent Tendencies (Instrumental)

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New song! Featuring pots ‘n’ pans percussion and the debut of my banjo in this project of ours. And a title thematically similar to last week’s song, because… why not?

Hope you dig it.

Matt and Jen

Out Past the Junkyards

ps. For this week’s upcoming song, we were originally going to do a cover tune… but now Jen and I are both sick and neither of us can sing. So we might do an instrumental instead. Hard to say right now.

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Well, we finally got the medley idea to work! Some of you may remember we’ve tried, and abandoned, this idea before. But, we gave it another crack this week (and last week) and finally got something we felt worked as a two-parter. And here they are! Listen to ’em in order!

My Only Destination

Half A Girl

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Here is a new song! See you real soon with another one!

Faker, Baby

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