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Hello, folks! Long time, no chat. How have you been?

OK. So, Jen and I spent February writing and recording a brand new album as part of the RPM Challenge. What is this “RPM,” you ask? Well, click the link, go find out, then come back here. We’ll wait!

You’re back? Or maybe you never… even… left… well, at any rate, the end result is that we are quite happy to present “Let’s Let Go” — ten brandy-dandy new toe-tapping tunes for your downloading and listening fun!

Remember how we recorded a different song every week last year? That project was fun because we kept switching styles, arrangements, instruments, blah blah blah to keep the process fresh for ourselves. But, for this project, we wanted to quickly create what we hope is a more cohesive listening experience that hangs together like a proper album. Did we succeed? Who knows! But we sure had fun trying.

We also recorded in such a vacuum last year that we wanted to pull some pals in to record this one — so we did! Special thanks to Mike Chmielecki, Nate Hastings, Neville Menday, Russ Lichter and Patrick Rowan for playing so excellently on this album.

Below, you can download each song individually, or grab the zip file at the end, which contains all the files plus the album artwork and lyrics so you can print yourself out a cool cd package.

As always, thanks for listening!
Matt and Jen

You can preview files here: http://thehonorablementions.rpmchallenge.com/

Or download ’em here:

Let’s Let Go (with Patrick Rowan on bass)
Moonies (with Patrick Rowan on bass)
Spring Ahead, Fall Forever
Henrietta Forever (with Russ Lichter on outro-synth solo)
Pound For Pound (with Nate Hastings on electric guitar)
Surfaces (with Mike Chmielecki on cellphone-distorted acoustic guitar loop)
Radio Telescope
What Not To Do (with Neville Menday on accordion)
Conversely (with Nate Hastings on electric guitar)
See Stars

Or grab the whole thing with PDF artwork here:
(I think you’re gonna have to copy and paste that link into a new browser window to make it work!)


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