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Does anyone remember the Yamaha PSS-170 keyboard? I got mine when I was in the eighth grade in the late ‘80s, and I’ve had it ever since. Mostly, it’s sat in storage, though Jen and I did dust if off to sample the intro for our tune Permanent Address.

Anyway, the thing is cheesy to the extreme. It’s hard to imagine it being useful for much, but I’ve held a special place for it in my heart because it was the first thing I ever used to play music.

So, we decided to use the PSS-170, and ONLY the PSS-170, to compose the music for our latest song, Playing With Mercury. I sampled the keyboard’s drum noises and re-sequenced them in iDrum to make the beat, and every other sound is direct from the keyboard with nothing but some reverb and the occasional delay.

It was fun to break from our normal process. Really fun! We’re very happy with the final result, and hope you dig it.

Happy holidays!
Matt and Jen

Playing With Mercury


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I had a hankering to strum the ol’ banjo this week, so that’s what I did. And Jen added electric piano and some vox and all of a sudden, we had this new song. Good times.

We’re already hard at work on the song for week 50, and it’s crazy different and fun. Can’t wait to finish it up!

Matt and Jen

Turn The Radio Down

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Bonus remix!

Tonight, we are very excited to post our friend Russ’s remix of our song Outlier!

Russ is a film editor and musician (google Justice Beats of America, or ODYSSEY! A Rock Opera, just to name a very few of the excellent projects he’s been involved with). Or perhaps you should watch the awesome Har Mar Superstar video he edited?

Anyway, we’re super-psyched about this remix and think you will be too.

Outlier (amoebafingers remix)

Also, for your reference, the original version: Outlier

Matt and Jen

ps. Back tomorrow with our new song, Turn The Radio Down!

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hi gang,

Here’s the latest song. It’s actually been done since early this week but we’ve been too busy/lazy to post it! Anyway… hope you like it.

Matt and Jen

Two Mirrors

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