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Hey, folks! Here’s a new song, the second this week. We’re trying to get caught up. Week 37 was actually LAST week… so now we just have to do one more and we’re right back on track. Anyway…

Every once and a while, everything seems to just come together for a song, and that was the case for this tune. We had a really fun time recording this. I got some nice finger-picking practice in and Jen nailed the keyboard parts, I think! So anyway, please have a listen and let us know what you think.

Back soon with another!
Jen AND Matt

Before The Stars


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Here is a new song! See you real soon with another one!

Faker, Baby

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The Indefatigable Bouncy Castle E.P.

The Indefatigable Bouncy Castle E.P.

In what is fast becoming a tradition here at the TalbOmand (or Ombot?) household, we now spend Labor Day Weekend recording with our pal Mike under the band name “Human Beat Box Light Show” (or HBBLS). The formula for these sessions is pretty simple–start with a beat from an old Casio keyboard, hit record and keep overdubbing instruments until a song appears. Then rinse and repeat! This year’s session yielded four songs, which we’ve bundled together as “The Indefatigable Bouncy Castle E.P.”

The style of music is pretty different than our Honorable Mentions stuff. I don’t know what you’d call it… we just call it fun! On Sunday night, we had an impromptu band dance party after completing the midi-trumpet-driven tune, “Meat, The Bibbles.” It was the most fun I’ve had recording in a long time.

Anyway, The Honorable Mentions took a back seat last week to this endeavor. And Mike graciously said we could use one of the HBBLS tracks as our song this week. But after work tonight, Jen and I decided to just try and bang out a song in a night… and we did!

So here are some songs:

The Indefatigable Bouncy Castle E.P. (Human Beat Box Light Show)
Happiness Isn’t Good For My Face
Meat, The Bibbits
The Carrion Call (Shut Ins, Line Up)
The Plaintive Cannonball Polka

And our song for week 35, “Like Stone”
Like Stone

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New song! Long week! Jen was sick! We had our friend Russ over from LA (and had a most excellent weekend)! Also, we got a PS3, so we might just forget about the rest of this project so we can play sweet, sweet video games in HD. Just kidding. Sort of. No, kidding–kind of. Kind of kidding. Not really though. That PS3 is pretty sweet.

Hiding in the Gloom

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