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So, it was another sweltering, humid week here in good ol’ NH, and as you may know by now, that’s not conducive to spending a lot of time upstairs in studio A/our guest bedroom. But! We caught a break on Saturday and Sunday, and put some quality time in writing and recording this little ditty, “Shudder and Shake.”

That’s one of the things I like about this project–it would have been easy to take the week off, but instead we powered through and ended up with a new song. As a lazy-kinda guy, that makes me happy.

Anyway, we made the beat for this one using our Atari 2600, and Jen played all sorts of synth parts. It’s another excursion into the electronica side of things, which we’ve really been enjoying. Hope you dig it!

Matt and Jen

Shudder and Shake


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Whew! Still far, far too hot to be upstairs doing much elaborate recording. So here’s a stripped down ditty. Jen tried to add some vocals today, but we’re getting weird power spikes that are ruining the take. But, it is 87 degrees up there, so the computer is burning hot to the touch. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the culprit. I HOPE that’s the culprit because if we’re still getting power spikes this week, it’s going to make for one crappy recording!

Oh well.

Hope you like this.

Matt and Jen

Difference Maker

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So, when you’ve decided to record 52 songs in a year, at some point you decide you just want to blow off some steam and do a wacky song that’s nothing like your other stuff. I don’t know why, it just seems to happen. We did it a while ago with Big Zeros, and here’s another crazy little ditty called Rat Bastard.

Yes, sometimes, you just gotta hit record and see what comes out. Grab your Moog, your toy piano, your tambourine, and sing a million-jillion vocal parts with tons of reverb, and see what happens.

For week 32, we’ll be back to… normal, whatever that is. I’m just excited because we already have drums, piano, guitar and bass tracked for the next song. So hopefully we’re on the road to being caught up again.

Thanks for sticking with us,
Matt and Jen

Rat Bastard

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Well, this may be the latest we’ve posted a song, but this was also the hottest week since we’ve started the project. And let me tell you friends, our second floor studio is not a fun place to be when it’s pushing 90 degrees up there. And of course, you can’t have a fan or AC on, because that just makes the track sound like it was recorded in a wind tunnel.

ANYway, we caught a break in the weather this weekend, and sandwiched around a trip to Manchester to see a live WWE event, we got this track recorded. Hope you like it. We sweated over every note, literally.

Matt and Jen

Broken Fingers

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