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Wow, week 25 already? By my calculations, and my calculations never fail, that means next week is the half way point of this little project. (Take that, seventh grade math teacher who claimed I’d never be able to do math.)

But first, this week. This week brings you the completion of one of the songs we wrote last week, but could not sing due to some nasty head colds. Yes, Jen and I are on the mend and our sinus cavities are as unclogged as our bathroom sink drain after that time in which I mixed bleach and toilet cleaner (thus inadvertently unleashing a poisonous gas that may or may not have almost done Jen in. But that’s a story for a different day).

So, here’s the song, “The Time Capsule.” Hope you like bongos.

Until next week, we remain faithfully yours,
Matt and Jen

The Time Capsule


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So, a funny thing happened on the way to this week’s song. We wrote and recorded an entire song except for Jen’s vocals (which we always save for last)–and then she got sick. And can’t sing without sounding incredibly nasal. The song was out of my range, so we wrote an entirely new second song for me to sing, and then I got sick. And now I can’t sing without sounding incredibly nasal.

In conjunction with this, we ordered a vintage Moog synthesizer from eBay and it came in yesterday, so we said screw it–we can’t sing, so let’s make an instrumental and try out the Moog. And that’s what we did.

And we hope you like it!

Matt and Jen

I Like It (Moog Waltz)

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Hello people of the internets,

Here’s our latest song. We actually wrote this one last summer and updated it for this project so we could have a decent version recorded. If features our ol’ skool Yamaha PSS-170. Woo! Hope you like it! Please let us know what you think.

Off to Dunkin Donuts for some egg ‘n’ chee croissant sandwiches and mocha coolattas!

Matt and Jen

Permanent Address

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Hey folks,

Here’s the new song. It’s spooky. Hope you like it!

Matt and Jen

Missing Girls

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