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What up, internets? We’re back with a brand new song, the Jen-penned “What Devours Us.” I’m not sure what to say about this song. It’s been done since Wednesday except for the bass line? It features backwards guitar? And a crazy synth? And jingle bells? Ah, just take a listen, and let us know what you think.

Matt and Jen

What Devours Us


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Hi folks,

This week, we feature our first cover song of this project, the title track of the excellent “Romanian Names” album by John Vanderslice–which, not coincidentally, is out this week!

Jen and I have been planning this for a while. JV is absolutely our favorite person putting out music right now, and we were very excited (and nervous) to tackle one of his songs. (Not that we can hold a candle, but anyway…)

Doing covers is not something we plan to make a habit of during this year (although we will be doing one more cover around week 42-ish… can anyone guess why?), but we love this song, love this album, and really, really hope anyone who reads this will pick up a copy of Romanian Names (the album, that is!).

As always, thank you for listening,

Matt and Jen

Romanian Names (John Vanderslice cover)

Also, please visit:

John Vanderslice
Tiny Telephone
Dead Oceans

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Once again, this was supposed to be voice and one instrument (ukulele), but we were having so much fun that it grew into what it is. Now we’re going upstairs to begin on the next song!

Hope you like it,

Matt & Jen

Wherever You Want To Go

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Okay, I admit it–Jen and I are exhausted. This song a week thing is hard. And a couple of weeks ago, we got behind because I had a perfect storm of freelance work, extra day job work and headaches, along with technical difficulties recording. It’s all added up to us getting behind by a few days.

So this week was supposed to just be a piano and vocal song. Simple, clean and more importantly, easy to record. But then I accidentally played the piano part over an old drum loop I had created and all of a sudden, the song spun out of control to the 24 track monster that I’m about to upload.

We hope you like it! Not our usual style (but then, what IS our usual style at this point? I really don’t know any more.) but a TON of fun to record. And yeah, it’s a little late, but it’s something we’re happy with, so it’s an even trade I think.

And for week 19 we are DEFINITELY doing a simpler song. I don’t want to be recording during the season finale of Lost, dammit!

Hope you like it,
Matt and Jen

Sleeping in the Crucible

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What do I say about this song? I think it is cursed. It stymied us at every turn. It made my laptop weep, and then break down. I couldn’t get the beat right, even though it’s just a super simple loop. (Though I later figured out that there was a problem with the stomping sample and that’s what was throwing us off.) It was, for some reason, almost a gigabyte in garageband even though it has far fewer tracks then most of our songs.

Hmmm, I dunno what else to say about the numerous problems we had recording this, but I am glad the song is done because we like it! It features my new ukulele. Wheee!

Time to post. And time to start this week’s song, which we promise will not be as late as this one! At least, that’s our hope.

Thanks for taking the time to listen,
Matt and Jen

One Whole Piece

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