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What’s up, folks? LOST was pretty awesome tonight, yes?

We’ve got a new song this week called “Impossibly Steep.” We were interested in experimenting this week, with some crazy electronic drum beats and such, but this is what came out. So, we just went with it. We tried to scale back the arrangement a little bit and do something a bit more airy, so this one just has a simple drum, some piano and good ol’ acoustic guitar. And a wee bit of toy piano for extra fun!

I think that’s about it. As always, we really appreciate your comments as well as you taking time to listen to our stuff.

See you for week 9!


Impossibly Steep


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Hello people of the internets,

Here is our latest song, Happy Go Lucky! It is loosely based off a real life thing that happened to Jen, but I will let her post about THAT later if she so wishes. Good ol’ Jen. And we will post the lyrics probably tomorrow. Right now, they¬† still exist only in notebook form.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the song. Doing a song a week has been very challenging, but such a great experiment so far. If you are a shut-in with no social life, like Jen and I are, then I highly recommend the experience.

See you next week if you care to join us,

Matt and Jen

Happy Go Lucky

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Hi everyone,

Week six is in the books! And a challenging week it was. We got a late start due to posting on Thursday last week, but I expected to have the weekend to record, and instead helped my mom set up her new computer. Which was cool and fun, but took a lot longer than expected. So, Jen and I wrote the music to this one on Sunday, arranged it and wrote lyrics Monday, and recorded it yesterday.

So, here is “Outlier.” We had a good time recording the vocals. I think Jen really did some nice harmony work. There’s not too much else to say. Hope you dig it!

your pals,
Matt and Jen


ps. people have been emailing us for lyrics, so we’ve begun an archive of them, found in the “lyrics” tab above. We’ll type up the lyrics to Outlier and stash ’em in there too.

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Our song this week is called Variations. Sorry it was posted so late tonight. I had promised Jen I’d take her out for ice cream when we finished this song. That night was planned for tonight, and even though the song wasn’t posted (and it’s only nine degrees out), Jen still wanted her ice cream. So we went to Cold Stone Creamery, then came home and watched The Office and 30 Rock. Hey, you gotta relax sometime too.

Then we went up to listen to the mix and ended up rerecording some of the vocals. But, here it is! Featuring the usual piano and guitar, but with a xylophone and atari 2600 thrown in there for good measure. If you listen to this on decent speakers or headphones, you should hear the atari noises swirling around in the background. I hope. ANYway… here’s the link:


As always, thanks for listening to our stuff,

Matt and Jen

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The new song…

… will be posted tomorrow after work! Rest assured, it is done, but we just finished mixing, and I have a new policy: don’t post on the same day as mixing. I need a night to sleep on it. I rushed to post “Caught in a Frame” and then really wished I had toned down that high hat.

So! Tomorrow, we will post our new song, “Variations.” I think it’s the coolest thing we’ve recorded yet.

Please come back to hear it?


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