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Howdy ho,

Here’s this week’s tune. Jen wrote this one top to bottom, and I think it’s pretty cool. We decided to do a rockin’ kinda take on it. I think we’ve embraced our inner Neil Young.

You’ll notice that there’s no piano on the song, and Jen tells me this is because “the piano is locked, duh.” But I said, wouldn’t it be funny to do a version that was only piano, and call it “Locked Piano (Unlocked Version)?” And we agreed that it would be funny and so we recorded an extra version, and now we’re posting both. (And even funnier is that Jen wrote this on the guitar. Or maybe that’s only funny to me.) Anyway, less chat, more high hat. Here it is!

Locked Piano

Bonus track:
Locked Piano (unlocked version)

(click to play, right click to download)

thanks for listening,
Matt and Jen

ps. Is anyone interested in being emailed when we post these? Let us know if so. Or you can do the RSS thing if you’re into fancy web technology and stuff…


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Jen and I check in today with a new song. We wrote the music for this immediately after posting Vanishing Point last week, and wrote the lyrics over the weekend.

This song was inspired by the Left Banke’s 1967 #15 hit “Pretty Ballerina.” Not so much in subject or melody or anything like that… just in the way that the song is so compact and concise. We just wanted to write a 2 1/2 minute song that reached the chorus before the song got 30 seconds in.

So, we hope you like our new song. Thanks for listening!

Matt and Jen

Caught in a Frame

(Click the link to play the song, or right click to download!)

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Hey everyone!

First, let us please say a big thank you to everyone who commented and was supportive of our first song last week. “Little Houses” was the first song we really let anyone hear, outside of a very few friends and family members. So, Jen and I were super duper happy for some positive feedback.

Now on to the new week!

This is a song called “Vanishing Point.” The song began in December when I had a dream that Jen and I did a song with just her piano and a simple electronic drum beat. As Tenacious D says, this song isn’t actually anything like that song! But we still like it. And we hope you do too!

thanks again,

Matt and Jen

Vanishing Point

(Click the link to go the song, then either click the icon to play in the window or right click to download)

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A new song…

…will be posted Wednesday evening after work! We’re done with it, I just want to sleep on it and listen to the mix one more time. It might be as good as we can get it with our crappy mixing equipment/capabilities.

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Here’s the first song from our 2009 “52 Weeks, 52 Songs” challenge, wherein we have foolishly decided to try and record one new song a week–FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! One down, 51 to go.

We wrote this last Thursday, arranged it Friday and recorded the tracks Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Keep in mind that we’re recording on a fairly cheesy set-up at home in Garageband… but if we wait for the best gear, we’ll never do this. So, we’re going with what we have! And learning as we go. Learning how cheesy our set-up is.

Anyway, enjoy the song! (We hope.)

– Matt and Jen

Little Houses

(click that link to go to the song, then either click the icon to play in the window or right click to download)

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